The Israeli lobbying for Sudan’s rulers is a seriel supporter of African dictators

Die „Lösung, das Abkommen für die Regierung im Sudan ist ein fauler Kompromiss, mehr nicht.

Martin Plaut

This article reveals the role of Ari Ben-Menashe in lobbying on behalf of Sudan’s new rulers – led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as ‚Hemedti.‘ [See below]

It’s not the first time Ben-Menashe (a man with a background in the Israeli intelligence) has had links with African dictators. He has been associated with Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Some Israeli firms have a noxious reputation in Africa. They have been accused of providing spyware to governments to target dissidents and journalists – including the previous Ethiopian government.

As Cynthia Wong  of Human Rights Watch put it: “It is troubling if Israeli authorities allowed the sale of Cyberbit’s spyware to Ethiopian security agencies, given their established record of using malware to violate rights. Spyware should be kept far from known human rights abusers.”


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